Filming at the Castle Green


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Scouting & Filming the Castle Green

Filming is important to us. The Castle enjoys a great reputation within the filming community and we are determined to maintain our standing as one of the most “film friendly” locations in the Los Angeles area..

  • The Castle Green was built in 1898 as a Grand Hotel. It has been totally restored to its former glory.  It is now a condominium complex with 52 units. The owners are very film savvy and happy to accommodate you.
  • Our Gallery only shows a fraction of the fine details the Castle offers, from Grand Ballrooms and Salons, to Marbled Staircases and Hallways, Pillered Verandas, Rooftop views, creepy basements, the Penthouse, and our original Wrought Iron Caged Elevator. There is something here for your every location need.
  • Location Scouts can contact our Film Marketing Director, Kathy Brown, at 805-990-5008 day or night, or email We will respond to you immediately. [non-commercial filming  and Location Agencies are also  welcome].
  • It only takes a quick phone call to set up a time to scout, the same day, if needed, 7 days a week.  We also have an extensive photo gallery on this site, but, of course, nothing can compete with your own images.
  • We will happily confirm available dates with you, and put your project on our calendar as a “Soft Hold” so you have right of first refusal. One phone call can answer all your questions.
  • For further details regarding Filming at the Castle, please refer to our Resources section.

We pride ourselves on making filming here a stress-free environment for our clients, so Welcome to the Castle Green!


To schedule an appointment (available 24 hours a day) or for answers, please contact

Kathy Brown


photos by:

Magnus Stark Photograhy

Devin Schiro,

Gina Acuna Photography,  323-829-1163

Aaron Gallardo, 323-470-8028

(photographs are not to be reproduced for commercial use)